#1 Pharma

Disease education


A pharma company wanted to create a disease awareness website in preparation of launching a novel cancer drug in a new therapeutic area.


The brand team wanted to create a personalized experience to deliver value for patients and caregivers. And stand out in a crowded space. But they had to be very mindful of internal concerns about direct patient engagement, pre-launch restrictions and adverse events handling for the entire company portfolio.


We connected Ariana to a chat window on the disease awareness website. Ariana handles adverse events, checks symptoms, answers questions, and collects themes the user were interested in that were not yet covered by website content. The connection between Ariana and the website was dynamic. Interaction with the website informed the dialog with Ariana, and the chat led to the website rearranging itself in the background.


By adding Ariana to the disease awareness website the team could

  • engage directly with patients and caregivers while safely handling potential adverse events
  • create a personalized experience that made their website stand out from the crowd
  • drive engagement with their content and identify relevant topics already prior to launch
  • build trust in their organization for a full digital patient support program after launch

#2 Pharma

Patient support program


A pharma company was marketing a portfolio of high value biologic drugs for treatment of chronic indications. To improve onboarding and adherence, they were providing patient support with a classic website and call center based program.


Despite significantly investing in their patient support programs and even letting an agency develop a custom app, drop off rates especially in the first 3 months of therapy remained unsatisfactory. The team had no data on why this was happening. Also programs were siloed by drug and country so the business unit could not realize any synergies across their portfolio.


We translated the content of the patient support program into dialog and connected Ariana to the patients directly over their preferred messenger. No download was required and the conversation with Ariana showed up next to friends and family. Working as the patients’ personal coach, Ariana offered disease and drug information, set reminders, answered questions and collected patient reported outcomes. To improve engagement and adherence, Ariana profiled the patients regarding their adherence type, behaviors and preferences. Based on this profile, she delivered a personally tailored program to each patient and kept track of their progress.


Adding Ariana to the existing patient support program

  • provided each patient with personal support tailored to their needs
  • delivered daily engagement and reduced 3 month drop off rates by 20%
  • created data transparency on patient behavior, reasons for non adherence, and patient reported outcomes

Now the pharma company is considering rolling out the Ariana platform across their biologics portfolio and feeding back the outcomes data into their pricing and reimbursement discussions.

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