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Pharma – Improved adherence


A pharmaceutical company was preparing for the launch of a major indication biosimilar drug for a chronic condition.


To be successfully used, the drug required precise handling by and good education of the patient. Previous experience had shown high drop off rates in the first three months of treatment. But only a certain amount of nurse and call center support could be budgeted for. Any adverse events and their reporting had to be handled safely.


To focus on what would deliver most value, Ariana acts in synergy with the existing patient support materials and call center. Ariana’s patient pathway feature can closely integrate with the timeline and materials in the patient support program. The FAQ engine feature can answer standard patient request at any time. It is set up with high confidence thresholds for adverse events detection and has a small talk feature to provide a pleasant conversational experience.


By adding Ariana to a patient support materials and call center, the pharma company can

  • better support patients with regard to adherence

  • safely detect potential adverse events

  • reduce call center complexity and volume

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