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MedTech – Successful surgery


A medical technology company wanted to create digital services for their hospital partners in the space of elective surgical procedures.


The solution had to deliver value and patient engagement in a complex B2B2C model. To be feasible from a business perspective it had to be flexible and scalable enough to accommodate multiple languages, indications and individual hospital treatment protocols. Handling of personal sensitive data set high requirements for data protection and hosting.


Over chat, Ariana acts as personal coach to the patient on top of a web application hosting the program content. Ariana supports and tracks the patient through a personalized exercise and nutrition program in preparation for elective surgery. Additionally, Ariana drives engagement with the content on the web application, including recovery tracking after discharge from the hospital.


By adding Ariana to a traditional web application, the medtech company can

  • bundle their devices with value adding digital services

  • help improve patient engagement and preparedness

  • create transparency on patient behavior and outcomes

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