//Patient centricity: Pharma’s future – please turn right

Patient centricity: Pharma’s future – please turn right

I’m confident we are on the same page, when I say patient centricity is key for the pharma to keep winning. Replacing product– with patient-centric management takes a deep understanding of today’s digital patient behavior, needs, fears. And a strong grasp of digital capabilities and regulatory limits.

In the previous 12 months there were 7 billion Google queries about health-related issues. When it comes to their own health, patients become active. 38% say that they do a lot of research before deciding which doctor or pharmacy to visit and 34% verify the information they get afterwards (1).

So patients are not only proactive but also impatient and concerned. Today’s access to information via the internet seems endless. Information (of sometimes questionable quality) is one thing. Trust and personal support is something else entirely.

Here pharma can step in. And create value by engaging with patients directly. Why? Patients can get reliable information about their drug and support in adhering to their therapy. Pharma can gain real world data about patients’ habits, adherence outcomes and concerns. These insights are invaluable in communicating value with regard to pricing and reimbursement. Providing added value for doctors through better digital patient support. And improving ultimately boosting adherence and revenues.

Pharma’s concerns about regulatory restrictions and patient data handling are real. We will address them in detail in our blog series.

Patient centricity won’t happen overnight. The journey starts with access to real time data and enabling direct interaction between patient and pharma. This is not a fantasy, it’s the future. 

Preview: How to best engage with the patient 

Stay connected, stay healthy!


P.S.: Ariana is the patient data provider for the healthcare industry who connects you directly with the patient – get in touch to learn how she does it.


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