I come from India, a land where it is a norm to expect your child to grow up to become an engineer or a doctor and any other profession is disregarded.

After putting in years of hard work getting my doctor’s degree, my big decision to change my career path from a clinical to a non-clinical doctor was met with derision. I would not be satisfied with just confining myself to the 4 walls of my OP room. I always believed that I could use my medical knowledge in the field of digital health to help cater to thousands of patients across the world.

This search for the ideal job opportunity lead me to Europe and having spent a few years of my life here in Germany. I always wonder why India doesn’t adorn digital health innovation the same way the West does it. With a doctor patient ratio close to 1:1000, seldom do doctors in India have more than a few minutes to attend to and consult their patients. Due to this lack of time, many important things tend to be missed.

I feel bad that I am thousands of miles away and not by my parent’s side when a health issue arises, as they would have to go searching for a good doctor. I know, from my personal experience how big a challenge it is, to remind my Diabetic parents every other day what to eat and what to avoid. I am glad to be able to chat with my family, stay connected and help even if we are miles away. Of course chatting over the phone can’t really replace the moments when we actually see each other face-to-face, so I am very happy to see my parents again in a few weeks.

Stay connected, stay healthy


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