Keeping my New Year’s Resolution

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It is almost officially Spring. This can be a good time to look back at the New Year’s resolutions and the progress you have made. Well, if you are among the ones who like to set them and have problems sticking to them, you are not alone.

As part of the NY resolutions, my friend applied for a gym membership. You can probably guess what happened – he went there twice. He was able to motivate himself to start at least, but then he missed one training. After that first time he skipped it, he said to himself every day “I’ll do it tomorrow”, but nothing has changed. When I asked him why this is so, he said he was waiting for the right moment to get started again. This is a common mistake we all do, we wait for that right moment to miraculously change everything. What I have learned from my sports experience (I work out at the gym, too) are two important rules. I try to follow them at work as well.

Before I share them with you, I’ll tell you about my experience. When I decided to start working out in the gym (I mainly lift weights), I actually succeeded in going there more than a couple of times. Results came and I built my new routine. But I plateaued quickly and my motivation dropped. I spent a lot of time online looking for an answer about what I was missing. I figured out it’s linked to the diet I needed to change, but reading about it just got me more confused and overwhelmed.

Before losing my whole enthusiasm, I decided to get myself a coach. Looking back, I must say, I am happy I did. To achieve my goals, she recommends two things – plan for exactly when and how you’re going to execute on them. Your goals need to have a time and a space to live in your busy world. This is the first important rule I have learned.

The second rule is to reach out to somebody more experienced than you, when you find yourself being stuck, too confused or hesitant to continue. My coach helped me with a personalized plan and held me accountable. Thanks to my coach I exceeded some of my personal goals. She still helps me stay fit and healthy. And she pushes me over what I think are my limits and checks that I am on the right track.

In short, my learning is that we are primarily lazy when it comes to changing our routine. Unfortunately, motivation and willpower are short-lived. What makes you start working on something new and keeping up with, it is not your level of motivation, but rather how you plan for actually doing it. And the support you get.

Stay healthy, stay connected


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