It’s chronic

It’s chronic

What do you think you’ll look and feel like when you are 60 years old? Or, if you’re already 60, think of 80. Older and maybe a bit wrinkly? That’s life.

But what about healthy? Are you going to be overweight? Will you be suffering from diabetes or heart problems? Will you look back on a (hopefully successful) battle with mental health problems or cancer? Unfortunately chances are high that your answer to at least one of the above will be yes.

These scourges are what experts call chronic diseases. This means, sorry to rain on your break, once you get them, they’ll stick with you. And that adds up. A study conducted by Harvard university together with the World Economic Forum estimates by 2030, global costs of chronic diseases will add up to a staggering total of US$ 47 trillion.

I think you’ll believe me when I tell you chronic diseases are the biggest health challenge of our time. And they are costing your company a lot of money. When someone in your team is not healthy, they will miss time at work (absenteeism) or won’t be able to be fully productive even when they are there (presenteeism). When we’re talking about tackling absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace (see my previous blog post), chronic disease is the underlying issue to address.

But where to start? Let’s look for the biggest bang for the buck. Interestingly, two thirds of the above mentioned 47 trillion are caused by just two groups of illnesses: cardiovascular disease and mental health issues.

And what to do? Finally I have some good news for you. Chronic diseases are largely preventable. I’ll tell you how in the next blog post.

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