Even Titans fall

In my previous blog posts I told you about the suffering and costs attached to chronic disease. And to watch out, because the next person affected could be you. Or your team.

Not us, I hear some of you say. We’re young, we’re healthy, we eat kale and run triathlons. We’re one of the best companies to work for, everyone is super motivated. Workplace health and well-being? That’s something for the big, blue collar corporates of yore. Great. But can you keep it up?

Unfortunately, working at some of the most coveted companies in the world can literally tip the scales against you. Let me take you on a little trip to sunny Palo Alto. While employees at the local titans of tech are in their 30s on paper, their health profile tells a different story. Weight gain from spending long hours at the desk and snacking (and very little time at those fabled table tennis tables) is so rampant that the Facebook 15 (pounds gained, that is) or the Twitter 20 have become idioms. Mobile health vans loitering in front of snazzy offices record alarming rates of health conditions like obesity, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol that you would usually see in people in their 50s.

Why is that? Because it’s easy so feel immortal and then suddenly find yourself at the bottom of a rather slippery slope. As one valley doctor puts it: “People are so freaking busy they can’t even imagine going out to the doctor.” Getting back up is a lot harder than taking care not to slip down in the first place. How? Define small, easy steps you can integrate into your daily life. Ideally, after a while, they should not even require any conscious effort. If you do something often enough, you’ll form a habit. And if it’s a good one, it will keep you healthy. In the next blog post, I’ll tell you what to focus on.

Stay healthy and engaged

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