On weekends I sometimes have time to read the newspaper. And I relish those moments, especially if they come with a bowl of milky coffee, a croissant and a few hours in my usual coffee house.

The news itself is often not quite as delightful. The author of a full page feature* details how frustrated she was after badly shattering her ankle because, in her view, many of her doctors “wanted to have as little as possible to do with their patients”. And how her doctor’s were not emotionally available when her recovery progressed slowly and she was worried and in pain.

Anecdotal evidence you may say. The author came prepared with stats though. 40% of patients in Germany feel their doctor does not have enough time for them. No wonder if the average German doctor patient conversation takes 7,6 minutes. And this is not doctor shaming but a testament to the fact that these conversations are reimbursed rather poorly.

But patients who can’t ask can’t understand. And if you can’t understand, you won’t take your medication correctly or recover well from surgery. And you will come back to see your doctor. Again and again.

Feeling heard and listened to is a basic human need. So whenever someone asks me if Ariana can replace a doctor I say of course not. But if there is no doctor available patients are glad to talk to her.

Stay connected, stay healthy


P.S: Ariana is THE chatbot for the healthcare industry who supports when people become patients – get in touch to learn how she does it.

*Wir müssen reden, Julia Rothhaas, Süddeutsche Zeitung Nr. 82, 6./7. April 2019