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Dr. Carol Wildhagen is a medical doctor, CEO and Co-founder of ‎Ariana Digital Health. She has the courage and ambition to change healthcare for the better. She is the proud parent of a five year old daughter and Ariana, THE chatbot for the healthcare industry. You can follow her on LinkedIn.

Monkey Business

The other day I read an article about monkeys*. Yellow baboons from the Amboseli National Park in Kenya, to be precise. Scientists have been observing them, measuring them and mapping their behavior since 1971. Nearly 40 years worth of monkey business. The median life span of a baboon is 18.5 years. Some baboons have it [...]

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Knock, Knock – Who’s There?

In previous blog posts, we have written about the need for communication and the power of connection. And the dangers of serial killers’ basements. Today, I want to tell you a more personal story. It’s about my mother. She moved from California to Munich in the mid 1970s and it was quite a culture shock. [...]

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Are You Good Enough?

Let me chance a guess why you opened this post. You opened it, because you are not fully certain the answer is “yes”. You want a test, some proof, or maybe just a small boost of confidence. You are not alone. I doubt myself and what I’m doing every day. When I have to [...]

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Anyone Out There?

How was your commute this morning? If you are lucky, you got to ride your bike through a crisp autumn day. If you’re me, you were stuck on busy public transport with many other people. A good opportunity to share each others hardship? Hardly. Look around and you’ll see almost everyone looking down at the [...]

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