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Dr. Carol Wildhagen is a medical doctor, CEO and Co-founder of ‎Ariana Digital Health. She has the courage and ambition to change healthcare for the better. She is the proud parent of a five year old daughter and Ariana, THE chatbot for the healthcare industry. You can follow her on LinkedIn.


Relationships, the happiness and health they bring have been a recurring theme of my blog [...]

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Turn me on

The question I get asked most often is this: do people really want to talk [...]

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Enjoy each other

In one of my last blog post I wrote about how connectedness can help monkeys [...]

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Monkey Business

The other day I read an article about monkeys*. Yellow baboons from the Amboseli National [...]

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The Stories We Tell

Whether you’re reading a pamphlet at a doctor’s office or a blog post about chatbots, [...]

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