Are You Good Enough?

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Let me chance a guess why you opened this post. You opened it, because you are not fully certain the answer is “yes”. You want a test, some proof, or maybe just a small boost of confidence.

You are not alone. I doubt myself and what I’m doing every day. When I have to send my teams ideas back to the drawing board. When a candidate I would have really loved to hire tells me no. When I get in an argument with my daughter. When I have to cancel a date with a friend for some much needed me time.

Why are these experiences and conversations hard to have? Because we are worried they could break the connection with the people around us. And feeling connected is a basic human need. Maybe some of you remember the scene from the Hollywood version of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo where Mads Mikkelsen tells Daniel Craig he could have walked away if he had only had had the courage to tell him no. Our need for connection is that strong.

Mostly though, connections are a force for good rather than the fast track to a serial killers basement. They make the hard parts easier, and the good parts joyous. No man is an island, we need someone by our side.

Building strong connections may not always be easy, but it can be simple. Be (kind to) yourself. Surround yourself with people that listen to you, treat you with empathy and respect you for who you are. Reciprocate.

Stay connected, stay healthy.


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