A winning affair

Patients’ well-being is the top priority for physicians. Sadly, doctors have less time to spend with patients than they would like (Read in: Doctors on the spot). 

So, how can the benefit of a doctor’s visit be maximized without maxing out their time? And what role can pharma play in helping doctors support their patients better? 

Let’s consider a patient with a chronic disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Initially, RA can be an overwhelming diagnosis. Adhering to treatment can be a challenge, especially if the prescribed drug is an injectable. During the first weeks, patients have many questions and may feel insecure. But doctor visits are few and far between, in Germany once a quarter. Questions go unanswered and reliably keeping track of treatment and treatment success is a challenge.

In an ideal world, each patient would get individual support. And doctors could have peace of mind knowing their patients are cared for. This is what the promised land could look like: quality information should be available on demand. Support should be individual and not generic one-size-fits-all advice. Progress and symptoms should be tracked transparently. And adverse events managed safely.

What is needed is a digital solution. And pharma could be the stakeholder to provide it. By funding the service (which would be free for patients to use and should not require any extra work or IT integration in the doctor’s office), pharma could offer added value to their prescribing physicians. Treatment guidelines and budget aside, a drug that offers additional patient support as a service stands out from the crowd. At the same time personal support would improve patient outcomes. And a digital solution can collect the data to prove it. Instead of a vague answer “Well, I think my symptoms increased a little” the patient confidently tells his doctor “Last week I would rate my pain level with a 6, this week however it’s a 8”. 

Everyone would win. Market share and improved patient persistence on products can be pharma’s reward.

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